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About this Website.


Ever since our internet providers (Planet Internet in the Netherlands until 1999 and Bigpond in Australie) made server space available I have maintained one or more personal web sites.

Since 2005 we got ourselves server space with MD Webhosting in Melbourne. This server comes with PHP and MySQL database functionality which makes it possible to create dynamic web pages, like our logbook on line and slideshows. We have a so called resellers account which enables us to host and maintain sites for friends and clients.


This site was redesigned in January 2008. All pictures were renewed and the information about ourselves and the radio station was updated.


Now we have a "blog" under development. It is a simple content management system which allows for editing pages without knowing any HTML.


Have a look at this new section of our web site.


If you find any errors or omissions...

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If you want your own web site ...

Feel free to contact me.

This web site was built with Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 (but I still do a lot of coding just in plain HTML...)


Graphics were developed and processed with Photoshop CS3 Extended or Fireworks. We are using the new Canon SLR camera EOS 50D - usually with the EFS 17 - 85mm (Image Stabalizer) lens to take the pictures.


The slideshows are based on a module (v0.9), developed by Greg Lawler which is easy to implement. The template was adapted for the "look" of this site.


The flyout menu's and tabbed project page are based on CSS scripts by Stu Nicholls who is a real wizzard with cascading style sheets.


The search engine is powered by Zoom Search Engine.


Examples were used from the literature I have been collecting lately:


Beginning PHP5, Apache, MySQL Web Development.

various authors, WROX - ISBN 0-7645-7966-5

The Complete Reference HTML & XHTML (Fourth Edition). Thomas A. Powell - McGrawHill - Osborne ISBN 0-07-222942-X

Photoshop CS3 Layer Bible, Matt Doyle & Simon Meek, Wiley - ISBN 978-0-470-08211-9


Some other sites I made, helped develop and/or host:


Sanook Thai (Thai Restaurant in Corlette NSW)

Tomaree Community College - Nelson Bay NSW

Rotary Club of Nelson Bay Inc.

Good Mates - Australian Giftware

Funibikers - ATB cycling group in the Netherlands

Port Stephens Amateur Radio Club

The Ultimate Golf Challenge - Enjoy The Hit

We Mow it - Gardening Services

Hedland Security and Electrical P/L

Effective Parenting - Rotary Club of Toronto

Le Chateau Naturiste - Bed & Breakfast

and of course: HTO Webservices.com


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