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Remote Controlled Antenna Switch


remote control antenna switch


A remotely controlled automatic antenna switch for my various antenna's, working on the BCD output of the FT1000mp.


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Automatic antenna tuner.


antenna tuner







This is a project still under construction. The idea is to have the stepper motors controlling the tuner probably with some PIC routine. Suggestions are welcome. For more click on the picture.







GPS Engines and Pics.


GPS engines and PIC experiments




In 1999 some cheap Aisin Seiki GPS engines became available for US$20 and a couple of years later Rockby Electronics had Jupiter engines on special for a while. Both special offers are long sold out. But here is what I did with them.


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Sound Card Interface.


a sound card interface






To insulate the radio from the computer I built an interface that fits in a drive slot in the computer.


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If you are interested in one of my projects, the components used or more details than given on these web pages you are welcome to contact me.

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